As a majority catholic country, Costa Rica’s population is highly enthusiastic about Christmas celebrations. While the country doesn’t offer the typical snow-covered scenery, spending your holiday season in Costa Rica can be a welcome change and an unforgettable experience.

If you’re looking for a globe-trotting adventure this Christmas in a beautiful location with a lively culture and plenty of activities to do, a trip to Central America might be perfect for you. Here are 8 reasons to spend Christmas in Costa Rica.

Christmas in Costa Rica is festive

If you aren’t very familiar with Costa Rica or its culture, you may be surprised to learn that the country gives the US a run for its money in terms of festive spirit around the holidays. While spending Christmas in Costa Rica, you will notice an abundance of Christmas trees, nativity scenes (called portals), coffee cherry-ornamented wreaths and dazzling lights.

Tons of festivities to experience

In the run up to Christmas and continuing through January, Costa Rica is host to plenty of dance festivals, street fairs, parades and rodeos. A few stand-outs you won’t want to miss include the Carnaval Nacional parade and the famous Toros a la Tica bull runs.

Great food to feast on

Costa Rican cuisine is some of the most appetizing in the world. If you spend Christmas in Costa Rica, you will find many tasty treats including the traditional tamales, a delicious blend of seasoned meat, rice and veggies rolled in corn dough and wrapped in banana leaves.

Plenty of ways to get around

Once you arrive in Costa Rica, you’ll find that there is no shortage of transportation options at your disposal. However, because Christmastime can be busy, if you want the most comfort and freedom, car rental in Costa Rica is the way to go.

Wonderful weather

While you won’t see any of the snowfall typically associated with Christmas while in Costa Rica, you will have fantastic warm weather. This can be preferable to many people who dislike the cold, and what’s more relaxing than spending your holidays on a sun-drenched beach?

Endless activities

Costa Rica provides boundless opportunities for exploration and activities. Everything from different tours and hikes to hot springs and museums are waiting to be seen and experienced.

Charming accommodations

Costa Rica has a wide variety of charming accommodations that fit every budget and preference. If you plan on traveling with the family, you will find that there are many affordable hotels and resorts that provide a feeling of luxury and hospitality.


We hope we’ve given you enough reason to consider spending your Christmas in Costa Rica. Keep in mind that this time of year is peak tourist season in the country and it wouldn’t hurt to become familiar with our safe travel tips.

Don’t forget to try some Rompope (Costa Rican eggnog) while you’re there. If you have any questions about renting a car during your trip to Costa Rica, don’t hesitate to contact us.