Monteverde Costa Rica

Monteverde is an amazing area in Costa Rica that has earned several titles. It has been awarded a spot in one of the “7 wonders of Costa Rica”. It is also titled as the crown jewel of cloud forests from National Geographic. Not only is it the home of the cloud forest is also houses several other national reserves.

So what is there to do in Monteverde?

The largest attraction of the area is seeing the cloud forest. Though that is not everything it has to offer. You will find incredible canopy zip lines that will send you flying straight through the clouds. There are many hiking trails and tours that will take you across the hanging bridges in the forest. You will also find countless wildlife tours and exhibits throughout Monteverde. Coffee tours are also an option for a slower pace, or if you want something more exciting there is horseback rides, the white water rapids or bungee jumping. You will wind activities for all types in Monteverde. If you are having trouble deciding check out our article on different types of tours in Costa Rica.

What is so great about the Cloud Forest

Monteverde area alone contains over 2.5% of the entire world´s biodiversity. You will be sure to experience many plants and creatures you have never seen before. The cloud forest returns nearly 100% of it´s income for education, preservation and research projects for the area. Taking a guided hike or tour through this area will surely be unforgettable. If you are interested in eco tours, this will be the ideal location for your next trip.

Driving in Monteverde

Monteverde is a beautiful area, but this can come at the cost of some luxuries when it comes to driving. Many of the roads are unpaved and have steep hills. Large pot holes are also very frequent and landmarks can be quite spread out. We have a guide for driving in Monteverde which will help you know what to expect. Due to this we recommend using a 4×4 while exploring this area. Taking a smaller vehicle will likely leave you finding roads that may prove impassable.