If you’re looking for a tropical getaway and are at all interested in history and culture, a trip to Costa Rica’s capital city, San Jose, will be right up your alley. While you will likely get the urge to visit other parts of the country during your Costa Rica retreat, spending some time in San Jose can be an enriching experience.

In our short and handy travel guide, you’ll find useful tidbits of information to get a good foundation for your journey into the pura vida way of life.

Means of transport during your Costa Rica retreat

Before discovering the city and enjoying various activities on your Costa Rica retreat, you first need to be able to get around. Finding means of transport in a foreign country can be an intimidating experience, but fortunately there are several options available to you.

Public transport

Your first solution is of course public transportation. The bus system in San Jose runs the entire day and won’t cost you much, but can be uncomfortable if you dislike small, crowded spaces. Bus schedules are also notably non-existent.


When you arrive in San Jose, you will likely notice a great big lineup of red cars with yellow triangles on the side. These are the official taxis of Costa Rica and another viable transportation option. Just be wary of “pirate taxis” that don’t have the official markings.

Car Rental

The most comfortable and convenient solution is renting a car in Costa Rica. Equipped with a GPS system, you can easily navigate your way through the unfamiliar territory of San Jose, as well as easily travel outside the city.

Things to See on Your Costa Rica Retreat

Now that we’ve got the boring part out of the way, here are some things you won’t want to miss while in San Jose.

National Theater

One of the most breathtaking structures you will find on your Costa Rica retreat, San Jose’s National Theater is filled with wonderful architecture and offers tours and performances that are great for a family activity.

Local Markets

Looking for a little more hustle and bustle during your trip? Try visiting a local market and finding great souvenirs and delicious eats.


San Jose’s rich cultural history is on full display in its fantastic selection of educational museums. The Children’s Discovery Museum and the National Museum are both wonderful starting points, with the Jade Museum and Gold Museum as additional options.

Our Pick for Accommodations

There are quite a few choices for places to stay in San Jose but our personal favorite is the Gran Hotel. A big blue building located downtown, the Gran Hotel is within walking distance of all the museums, the theater and restaurants. Elegant and comfy, you will undoubtedly enjoy resting your head where John F. Kennedy himself once did.

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