What is an ecotour?

An ecotour or sustainable tours have begun to gain popularity in Costa Rica. It is not much of a surprise with Costa Rica being one of the most eco-friendly places on the planet.

Costa Rica has run on more than 98% renewable energy more than once. It is also does an amazing job of protecting it´s wildlife. More than 25% of Costa Rica is nationally protected. This contributes to the rise of Costa Rica becoming a hot spot for ecotours.

What makes a great ecotour?

Eco tours are those that are environmentally and locally friendly. These tours promise to not harm the environment. They generally promote some sort of conservation and add to the local community in some way. Which is no easy task in today´s society. All over Costa Rica several options for eco tours are now available. Many of these tours have a emphasis on providing education about the environment.

Main principles

According to Costa Rica News.com there are some main points that classify an eco tour.

Reducing over-consumption and waste.

Eco tours should not be creating more waste. The goal is to either reduce or at least minimalize to amount of waste. It is also ideal to not to partake in over-consumption, stay minimal.

Supporting local economies.

Generally they should be contributing to the local economy. Goods that can be purchased from local vendors are the best way of achieving this.

Undertaking research.

It is best if the tour can offer some information to the visitors. Ecotours like to focus on giving a form of education to people taking the tour.

Using resources rationally.

Making the best use of water, and electricity to help the environment for example is a big part of what makes an ecotour.

Marketing responsibly.

When advertising ecotours should not use typical propoganda techniques. No lying, exagurating or making false promises. What you see should be what you get.

With tourism being one of the main sources of income for Costa Rica, ecotourism is especially important. This country is beautiful, and it is our responsibility to keep it that way. Creating tours that are friendly to the environment will allow Costa Rica to stay that way. It will also help to keep the country on the top of the list for self-sustainable and eco-friendly places to visit.

If you are interested in finding eco tours in Costa Rica. That promote the health of the environment and community, you can comment below for recommendations.