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Exploring Costa Rica? Here you have some tips to really enjoy your visit

If you are coming to our wonderful country and you took the best decision; which is driving your own car to take all-out enjoyment and huge advantages when traveling around.…

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Renting a car in Costa Rica? Here´s what you should know…

Appropriate guidance when you look ahead renting a car is crucial to have a good experience in our wonderful country. Costa Rica is small, easy to drive on and why…

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Top 5 Costa Rica destinations to visit by car on your next trip

Costa Rica is a small tropical country full of biodiversity (more than 4% of the planet), with humble and nice people crammed with “Pura Vida” vibes. If you enjoy nature,…

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Costa Rica Highlight: Dominical

Costa Rica Highlight: Dominical The Dominical area is mostly famous for its fantastic surf location. The beach in Dominical provides world renowned waves that can reach up to 10ft in…

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Costa Rica Wedding

Planning a Costa Rica Wedding Each year 100´s if not 1000´s of people come to Costa Rica for their wedding. It is a great option with beautiful scenery, year round…

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Costa Rica Highlight: Monteverde

Monteverde Costa Rica Monteverde is an amazing area in Costa Rica that has earned several titles. It has been awarded a spot in one of the “7 wonders of Costa…

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Sea Turtles in Costa Rica

Sea Turtles in Costa Rica Many people come to Costa Rica each year to see the sea turtles and hatchings. There are many places here to see them as well…

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Costa Rica Highlight: Nosara

Costa Rica Highlight: Nosara Nosara is among one of the many hidden gems in Costa Rica. The beach if famous for its wildlife, surfing and yoga. Many expats choose this…

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Tips for Costa Rica Beach Vacations

Tips for Visiting the Beach in Costa Rica Many people come to Costa Rica for the beautiful beaches. While some are seasoned experts, there is also a large amount of…

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Costa Rica Highlight: Arenal Volcano

Highlight: Arenal Volcano   Arenal History The Arenal volcano area was a farming area 50 years ago. That all changed after the volcano´s eruption in 1968. It transformed the area…

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