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    Costa Rica Highlight: Arenal Volcano

    Highlight: Arenal Volcano   Arenal History The Arenal volcano area was a farming area 50 years ago. That all changed after the volcano´s eruption in 1968. It transformed the area

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    Things to do in Costa Rica

    What is there to do in Costa Rica? If you love adventure, nature or amazing culture, Costa Rica is the place to be. There is so many things to do

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    Costa Rica 5 Tips to Know Before You Go

    Costa Rica 5 Tips to Know Before You Go.   Costa Rica is an amazing place to visit but planning your trip can be quite overwhelming. We are here to

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    Moving to Costa Rica: what you need to know.

    What to know about moving to Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a very popular place for expats and retirees. It makes a lot of sense with a low cost living,

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    Packing for Costa Rica: What You Need to Bring

    Packing for a trip abroad is often subjective. Some people wing it and go the minimalist route while others overstuff multiple suitcases with things they don’t really need. As a

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    Driving in Costa Rica: What You Need to Know

    If you’re planning a trip to Costa Rica, renting a car is one of the most convenient ways to explore the country. However, there are a few things you should

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    Costa Rica Retreat: A Quick San Jose Travel Guide

    If you’re looking for a tropical getaway and are at all interested in history and culture, a trip to Costa Rica’s capital city, San Jose, will be right up your

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    The 5 most impressive Costa Rica resorts

    Costa Rica is fast becoming recognized as a country with some of the most luxurious and memorable accommodations for vacationers. The various comforts and features you will find in the

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    Family vacation in Costa Rica: 6 family travel activities in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is a popular destination for family travel and for good reason. There is no shortage of fun and memorable activities for the whole family, as well as countless

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    4 Tips for Choosing the Right Rental Car During Your Travels

    Renting a car during your travels can appear like a deceptively simple task. You pay the rental service, hop in your ride of choice and go from point A to

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