Why should you rent a car in Costa Rica?

Deciding whether to rent a car or not on your next trip can be challenging. There are many options for getting around while on your stay in Costa Rica.

There is traveling by bus, taxi and even by air when considering how you will get to your destination. These are all very good choices, and can have advantages as well as disadvantages from the others. However renting a car will allow you to have the most freedom and comfort while on your stay in Costa Rica. With a rental car you will be free to visit any site you want, when you want.

While the bus system in Costa Rica is great, it is limited and you will often need to walk long distances, and need to speak fairly good Spanish in order to be sure the bus you are choosing will travel to your destination. Another thing to consider is the buses do not offer air conditioning, and can be very hot! Taxi could be a good choice for you as well. However you should consider whether you need to travel long distances. Also if you would like to travel to many different places while on your stay, a taxi will be very expensive. Taxis will also be very hot, as most taxis also do not provide the luxury of air conditioning.

Expect the Unexpected

Another factor to consider when deciding whether to rent a car for your next trip, is the unexpected nature of Costa Rica. Traffic jams, road outages and bad weather can often turn a 1 hour bus ride into a 3 hour bus ride. The same is true for traveling with a taxi, causing you spend more than you anticipated or be very late for your reservations. Renting a car will give you the most comfort and allow you to be on time. Also it will give you the freedom to take in all the sites you wish to see. Renting a car will be your best choice when on vacation or business in Costa Rica.

Also ask yourself how comfortable you are driving in heavy traffic. During rush hours, the larger cities in Costa Rica will have very heavy traffic. Try to plan to pick up your car outside the rush hours. Especially if you are not used to driving in a lot of traffic.

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