Traveling abroad can be costly, but there are ways to save  money. Generally things will be expensive, however if you can save a little with everything, it will add up. If you manage to make enough small savings the final expense of your trip could be quite lower.

Using local currency

When in another country it is desirable to use your home countries currency. Although when you do this you are likely to get a poor exchange rate or extra fee for doing so. For example when using your currency through an ATM or with a debit card, you will commonly receive a higher exchange rate or a fee for the conversion. Some exchange rates can be as much as 10% higher. Fees can also amount to upwards of $4 each. If you make several purchases on your trip this can begin to add up.

Another factor to consider is exact conversions can be difficult. At smaller stores they may not be able to give you exact change when converting. This results in the store rounding the value up to a more even number to make change. While a small increase it will definitely add up across your entire trip.

 Shopping at local establishments

If you find that restaurants and stores you are used to having higher prices, this is because they are catering to foreigners. Many of these places understand that their clientele is foreigners on vacation and raise the prices. If you choose to go to local restaurants and stores that are based locally in the country you are visiting you are likely to find much better prices. This may prove to be difficult because they typically only speak the local language. However a little memorization of common phrases should be enough to get you by.

 Searching online in the country´s local language

Doing research from your home country can also result in higher prices. If you are planning to visit Costa Rica and searching websites in English, you might be quoted higher rates. These websites are frequently targeting tourists from other countries and purposefully charging inflated rates. If you search for accommodations in the home countries language, you are likely to find better rates as they are targeting locals rather than tourists.