Sea Turtles in Costa Rica

Many people come to Costa Rica each year to see the sea turtles and hatchings. There are many places here to see them as well as many types of species of turtles, Olive Ridley, Hawksbill, Green, and Leatherback to name a few. Experiencing the turtle hatching in Costa Rica make for an amazing family vacation idea.

Where to see the turtles

Two of main places to see turtles are Tortuguero and the Osa Peninsula. Tortuguero primarily has Leatherback turtles while the Osa area is where the Olive Ridley turtles go for nesting.

Best times to see the turtles

If you are in the Tortuguero region the times are from July to October during the Atlantic Green nesting season. On the Pacific coast the best times are August to November close to the new moon, however they tend to nest all throughout the year in the Pacific. If you plan your trip accordingly, there are options nearly all year to see these beautiful animals.

Navigating to locations

If seeing turtle nesting and hatching is high on your priority list we highly recommend renting a vehicle. The turtles will not likely be nesting in high tourist areas so access by public transportation will be difficult. The freedom of having your own vehicle and driving in Costa Rica will allow you get to many different locations to find a great spot to see the turtles. Make sure to choose the right vehicle for the area you intend to visit.

Respect the wildlife

Recently many tourists have caused issues with the turtles and in some cases even harm. Follow these tips to not endanger any turtles;

-Do not use lights or camera flashes

-Do not approach or touch the turtles

-No driving on the area between the tree line and high tide, this is where the turtles lay their eggs

-Use a guide, not only will they lead you directly to the turtles and improve your experience, they know the proper way to safely see the turtles.