What is there to do in Costa Rica?

If you love adventure, nature or amazing culture, Costa Rica is the place to be. There is so many things to do in Costa Rica, it can be impossible to decide what to see. We have a list of ideas to help you plan your next trip.

Coffee Tours

Costa Rica grows absolutely amazing coffee, some of the best in the world. There are many plantations and entire tours focused around coffee. These tours are as educational as they are enjoyable and can be experienced by all types of people.

Arenal Hot Springs

Arenal has become a major tourist location here in Costa Rica. Though there are many activities to experience here, the hot springs are unique and an incredible experience. The volcano provides natural heating to the pools and resorts. The hot springs make for an ideal option for a romantic honey moon activity. This is a great choice for a relaxing and natural experience.

Cloud Forest

The Cloud Forest located in Monteverde is quite a site to see. The beautiful lush forest extends so high into the mountains it literally touches the clouds. There are many tours and hikes as well as zip lines in this area to give you a wide range of choices for all ages. This area is also a very great place to see wildlife here in Costa Rica. If you are going to the area make sure to check our tips for driving to Monteverde.


It would be hard to not mention surfing in this entry. Costa Rica has some of the best surfing in the world. There are calm beginner beaches such as Samara, or if you’re are interested in bigger waves for a more advanced surfer an area like Dominical would be a great choice. If you didn´t bring a board with you there are plenty of places on nearly every beach to rent one. Most places also offer surf lessons if you are wanting to start learning.

Stone Spheres

There are several places across the country where you can see the mysterious stone spheres. They are one of the biggest mysteries in Costa Rica. They are large, often nearly perfect ancient stone spheres placed across the country. No one knows their purpose, but they are a part of the history here. There is even a museum Finca 6 that is dedicated to displaying the spheres. Seeing the stone spheres is a great site to see on a budget, and can help save on your trip to Costa Rica.