Types of Tours in Costa Rica.

Receiving a large percentage of its income from tourism, it´s no surprise Costa Rica has many types of tours. There are activities for all types of people and families. They can range from being adventurous to calm and relaxing and everything in between. So whether you are looking for excitement or just want to stroll along and hang out with the monkeys there are plenty of options for you.


Many places in Costa Rica offer ATV tours. Generally these excursions are in small groups and an instructor will guide you on a designated sight-seeing path. These tours can be found mainly on beaches, near volcanoes and popular rain forest areas. They can be a great option to explore volcanoes and other areas that would require a huge hike. The typical cost can range from $50 per person to $100 per person.


The horseback tours are similar to the ATV adventures. They will be found in similar locations. However it is common to see the horseback tours in more rural areas. Also they are a better option if you are trying to bring along children that are too young to operate ATVs. The pricing is similar and can range from $60 to $150 per person.


Hiking is becoming very popular as well. Especially in the areas around volcanoes and forest areas. A tour guide is usually recommended as it can be quite easy to get lost on the paths in forests of Costa Rica. Most of these tours offer at least fruit and drinks along with the tour or possibly a small lunch. It is very common for almost every type of tour to offer snacks. Hiking is also a bit cheaper and can range from $25 to $75 per person.


Taking trips out on the boat are a great experience for Costa Rica. Typically it is an excursion for a few hours to a planned location in the ocean. It is typical to see dolphins, sharks and whales on these trips. However swimming with dolphins is not permitted in Costa Rica.  If you sign up for this type of tour be sure to bring your sun screen! There are also smaller boat tours in many of the popular rivers in Costa Rica. Generally the river boat tours focus on seeing crocodiles.