What vehicle type is best for Costa Rica

What vehicle type is the best option for Costa Rica? This is a big question for driving in Costa Rica. There are a few factors to consider when trying to answer this question. How many people are you traveling with, and do you have a large amount of luggage or equipment? Where will you be visiting on your stay? Are you on a tight Budget?

If you are traveling with just one or two people, a sedan could be sufficient. Assuming you do not have a large amount of luggage. The sedan will be the cheapest option. However if you cannot fit all your luggage or you have several people packed in tight. Which will make for a very uncomfortable trip. A lot of the cheaper sedan options do not have a very large amount of trunk space. Several places in Costa Rica will take several hours to travel to. Therefore being comfortable while making it to your destination is something important to consider for you and your passengers.

Consider if you are traveling a long distance or to a destination that is not located in the city. A sedan may not be up to the task. Many roads in Costa Rica are paved and good quality. However there are several places that a 4×4 or a vehicle that is higher from the ground will be necessary. Especially in the rainy season. Some of the less traveled roads are very rough and uneven, they can also become muddy and have large pot holes. If traveling in a sedan, it is likely that a rough road could cause you to damage the undercarriage of the vehicle, which would be a huge pain for you and your rental company.

So How Do I Decide?

The best option for you would be to contact the rental company, and discuss with them where you plan to go. They will be able to advise you on whether you will need a vehicle type with more off road capabilities such as an SUV or a 4×4.

Something else to consider is the skill of the driver. Is the driver used to operating a larger vehicle such as a SUV? Also would they be comfortable driving a smaller vehicle type like a sedan on a rough road. If you are spending a lot of time in the city, it could be difficult parking a larger vehicle if the driver is not used to driving a larger vehicle. Roads in the city are very tight, and crowded, so it could prove difficult to navigate the traffic or parallel park your car if there isn´t many parking spaces available.

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